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Sacred Pack, a pack deep within in the Lava Lands, the center of the Treacherous Triangle. Feared by many, it is a mysterious and fearsome pack that is run by the equally fearsome Sacred One- some say that no one has ever seen her face, under the skull mask she always wears.... Will you be courageous enough to join?
-Led by Sacred One, a she-wolf with black and lava-red fur. She often wears a cape of caribou skin, with the claws of those she has slayed sewn into the border. Her electricity color is a fiery orange, and her eyes (always shadowed by the mask) match her electricity color.
-They live in the dangerous Lava Lands, around what they call the Sacred Lake. In truth, it's a small pond-sized pit of lava,which often spits out lava rocks and can sometimes, mysteriously, turn a shade of blood-red
-Though greenery is sparse, there are a few crop-farmers in the Sacred Pack. They are at a very high level and usually civilians never even glimpse the crops grown.
-The Sacred One has an inner council, called the High Council of the Sacred Lake (or High Council for short) who make a lot of the decisions.
Sacred Lake Ritual: Each year, the Sacred Lake turns a blood-red color and more smoke then usual rises from it. The Sacred One goes to a high ridge over the lake and 'reads' the smoke, wearing her ritual mask- a skull-mask with horns. She then tells the High Council her readings and they decipher what it means. Sometimes it foretells the coming of war, treachery of pack members, or diseases that are coming
Naming Ritual: All pups are trained as a variety of different things- Warriors, healers, farmers, miners, teachers, and even Council members. At the naming rituals, all pups old enough get Named their jobs(it's rare for one to become a council member at their naming ritual, it usually happens at a later time). Sometimes, inferior pups get executed or exiled.
Exile/Execution Ritual: This is a 'pack-cleansing ritual, where they rid of any Mechainus who are inferior, lacking in their job, getting old, or have betrayed the pack. If they have led an honorable life, however, they don't get executed after old age. All of the exiled get escorted out of the pack territory after a few nippings from the upper-warriors. The executed get taken to the Highest Volcano, the large volcano at the tip of the treacherous triangle, and must be pushed in by the lower-warriors.
High Council Ceremony: The ceremony where an up-and-coming fierce, powerful, and cunning Mechainu is made into a Council member. Little know about this ceremony, since few are made council members.
Rock-Mining Ritual: The igneous rocks made by the Sacred Lake is used by the Sacred Pack as currency for markets and other things, such as the small shops made by lower-class members. Carefully trained miners come and pry up the rock, then bring it to mining caves to make smaller pieces that can easily be stored in Mechainu's center compartments.
Daily Rituals: There are daily rituals, similar to 'church' that happen just before morning rest(they're nocturnal). These include going to the Sacred Lake to chant with the Sacred One, offering up sacrifices to the smoke-spirits that reside in the lake, and reading a bit of the 'Sacred Paper'(papers written by the Sacred One, all about the spirits and such).
1. You start out as a pup, unless I choose you for the high council in the first place, or to be a teacher. When your character gets old enough, I'll see which one I want to choose you for
2. You earn the igneous rocks once you get 'jobs' Such a, if you are assigned farmer and rp at least ONCE every week, you'll get 10 rocks. If you don't rp, you'll get none. You don't have to rp ABOUT farming, just rp about anything
3. Don't tell other packs about what's going on in our pack. If you do, you'll get executed. (you'll still have your character, but you'll be dead to this pack)
4. Don't complain about your position you get assigned, or you may get only half-pay for a week or two
5. Don't be rude or inappropriate, in or out of rp, in this pack. You'll have 3 warnings, then exile.
6. Don't overthrow the leader, or you'll immediately be exiled or executed
7. Don't order around those higher in rank then you
1.Sacred One :iconmoonehdraws:
2. High Council- None yet
Upper Class-
1. Upper-Warriors (warriors who are very skillful and fierce)
2. Sacred Healer (healer with more connection to the spirits)
3. Farmer
4. High Teacher (creates the lessons, is in control of the other teachers)
Lower Class-
1. Lower-Warriors
2. Healers
3. Teachers
4. Black smith
5. Miners
6. Shop-owners (usually hunters)
8. Hunters (all of the Mechainus are also hunters, but some are ONLY hunters)
ALL positions earn 10 rocks per week, unless they sell something at a market/in their shop. Only high council members get 15 rocks.
-All pups are raised together, they don't usually know their parents but they do know their siblings.
-Imagination is usually looked down upon (The sacred one fears being over thrown, but no one knows)
-Pups are trained to be fierce, quick, and merciless, but some can still turn out different
-A Mechainu in the Sacred Pack's day usually goes like this: Wake up, work/school, hunt or eat already hunted food, socializing for a little while, whole pack practice battle (except sacred one and high council),hunt for dinner, daily ritual, sleep
-They are NOT immune to lava, and their metal is NOT lava proof, so is the get lava on their metal it will melt

THAT'S ALL FOR NOW! Any questions? Just ask! You don't have to memorize it or anything, but it WOULD be nice if you at least knew the rules. Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase join :D
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